Based on Zbigniew Herbert’s Home.

a love beyond night’s crave
a love in like strangeness
a naked-consuming fire
a suckling-soft breeze

love was belly’s laughter
love was heart’s nuzzle
a soft palm’s strength
a sweet lip’s word

a cold took the palm
a measure undid the word
a lifetime’s thought questioned
the unfitting lines of a puzzle

love is wooden goodbye
love is uncurving smile

a buried picture in the attic
a wishful collector’s pastime


Goodbye 2012!

Here it is… the last day of 2012. And I really can not stop smiling. Really. 2012 was horrible. I can not put everything that went wrong in my life this year, but suffice to say that I am super glad this damn year is OVER. O-V-E-R. Not to be looked back at again. Am going to be super-strong, and only look forward. To 2013. To new beginnings. To bigger and better. To wiser and happier.

New year resolutions? Hah! I am like the rest of you. Ten thousand resolutions and not one kept successfully. Still, off the top of my head… lose weight! (LOST BATTLE!) And read more. And try and be a better person. Wow. I sound stupidly pious. Or piously stupid. Anyway, let’s hope I manage to at least remember these resolutions before the year ends, let alone follow them. (Quick question: Do you remember what your last year’s resolutions were? ‘Losing weight’ doesn’t count. We all want that. Everyday. Every year! *sigh*)

The best part of 2012? I have to say, starting this blog. Really. I had no idea people would even read my blog, let alone like it! And yeah, this really is the best thing I have done in 2012. I am a part of a super-cool startup ( only because of this blog! And my writing has become a lot better too. I only have you guys to thank for it. For being patient and kind readers. And not badgering me with criticism!

Alright, I’ll stop blowing my own horn now; I know you’re bored! Have a great 31st people! Drink, but don’t drive! Sing, dance, go crazy!